Question by Todd P: How much money does it cost to raise a healthy and smart Husky?
I’ve been thinking about buying a Husky for about a month now. I’ve done a lot of research on the breed and my only concern is the cost. Can anyone give me an annual cost estimate?

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Answer by A
If you need to worry about the cost, then it’s too expensive regardless of the breed. Anybody can give you costs of regular yearly exam and shot costs and an average of food costs, but there is no guarantee that your dog will always be healthy. Illnesses and accidents happen. Either one could run you anything from a few hundred to a few thousand. Some conditions are chronic which would mean more trips to the vet.

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Question by #: Is there a difference between purina one smart blend and healthy formula?
My puppy is on Purina One smartblend Healthy puppy formula that i got from walmart, but i’ve been looking at other stores like petsmart and petsupermarket, and they have purina one healthy puppy formula but it doesnt say SMARTBLEND on it. are they the same thing?

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Answer by TimiTalks
In my experience, and I work in canine nutrition, ANY product made by Purina and Pedigree is a POOR choice for the health of your dog. The ingredient line up as I viewed it is not conducive to a healthy GI tract. The nutritional content is less than quality and unimpressive. Every kibble is processed, and as such put the dog at an inconvenience but choosing low quality “foods” such as those commonly found in Walmart, Target, Kmart or any grocery store is NOT recommended. For a decent, acceptable food, at a good price point – Costco carries a Kirkland brand “Chicken Veges and Rice” formula. Good for the money. Made by Diamond. Leaps and bounds above Purina. Of course, there are even better options on the market today. Please do your dog, and your pocket book a favor and feed a quality food.

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