For More Info: Exclusively for our YouTube viewers, Jeff takes a look at Federal Premium “Guard Dog” 9mm home defense ammo.
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Guard Dog Global Jam (animatic)

Our work-in-progress Animatic of the upcoming “Guard Dog Global Jam”. Thanks again to all of our jammers for all of their hard work!
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Rottweilers are tested according to a set of criteria to determine their suitability as guard dogs, family dogs and pets. See Rottweilers with Dog TV in action during testing by the South African Rottweiler working dog breed council, Johannesburg, South Africa. Produced by

Top 20 Guard Dogs

This is my list of the best guard dogs, I found it hard to put them in order cause all these breeds are awesome. Leave a comment with your list Song: dmx: dogs out

Three year old Rottweiler male, neutered, working quality dog with excellent manners, loves kids and other animals, great house dog, naturally protective and confident. Loves to travel, trained to underground fencing and has been a house dog his entire life. Very clean in the home and easy to work with. Not push or overall hard and push. Additional pictures and video at
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Question by Toc: The difference between a “Guard” dog & “Protection” dog?
If I get a German Shepherd, will he naturally protect me, my family & my property without any training? I hve a few friends who own so-called “guard dogs”. They bark viciously behind the gates but when someone steps into their homes, they run away & hide under a car.

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Answer by hayesatlbch
you can have a 3 pound guard dog that sounds an alert or a large dog that will protect you with its life.

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Question by buka_28: Can you give to a dog “heart guard” without blood test done, just for the safety?
My vet gave us a “heart guard” for heart warms 1 year ago, and is that ok if ill buy another “heart guard” and ill continue to give to my dog without checking his blood test?
i thought if my dog doent have heart warms anymore i would continue to give just for the safety “not to get heart warms in the future”

Thanks in advance … :)
i was giving every month for one year and we finished now

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Answer by MamaBas
Ask your vet, but I understand you must be certain a dog is free of heart worms before using preventative treatment.

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