The Good, the Bad, and the Furry: Choosing the Dog That’s Right for You

The Good, the Bad, and the Furry: Choosing the Dog That’s Right for You

With The Good, the Bad, and the Furry, author Sam Stall has consulted with dozens of breed rescue groups to learn the best—and worst—traits of more than 100 different dogs, from Affenpinschers and Afghans to Whippets and Yorkshire Terriers. These illustrated profiles offer honest, warts-and-all assessments of the world’s most popular breeds—and show which ones are right for you.
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Question by Zephyr is the Shiznik: Any one have a good site on how to make a dog carting harness?
I’m getting a dog cart in about a week (YAY!! CAN’T WAIT!!)
here’s a link to it:
However, I’m not ready to shell out -50 on 3 harnesses, when I’m pretty sure that, with the right instructions, I could make one myself for much cheaper. Any one know how/ where? Thanks!
I was planning nylon, anyway.. I can sew through it using either polyester or fishig line. Thanks!
The one I’m getting also includes the team bar.. in addition to the single. THx.. I will be doing both individual and team pulling… as the dogs are trained. My older pit is already trained, and once the pit puppy and great dane pup reach maturity, they will be added. I will be runng them with the aut, though, just wihout them pulling weight. thx
Could you possibly find a site w/ a picture of the parade harness? Is it the simple one with the gig to hold the shafts, and the front breast plate?
The resha site looks to have cheaper harnesses.. thanks! Also. the Nordkyn Pulk harness? Is that a substitution for a carting harness? I also emailed the site to ask this. As far as carting goes, I am knowledgable in everything but harnesses!! I’m headin to the library to look up more stuff. can’t seem to get what I need offline.. But a few of the sites that have been posted have been different than what I’ve found in the years I’ve been loking!
Also, in the last site you gave me, how do I attach the shafts to the harness?
Sorry I keep posting.. but you’re being quite helpful!! THanks!
oh, ok! You seem like an historian of sorts on harnesses. thanks again for all your assistance!

Best answer:

Answer by GotNewfs?
It is really easier and better to buy them. If the harness is not correct for the dog and the cart (or travois) that you use, the dog can suffer injuries.

Those are not really what you would call “starter carts” either. A parade harness can work and is easier to go about making than a siwash would be. You can search some sites and see which you prefer, and ask the maker of your cart which they would advise.
If you get a single dog cart, you only need one harness at a time. If the dogs are about the same size, you can use the same one for all. We have 5 Newfs, and have two harnesses. One for the boys and one for the girls.

Personally, I do not like the leather. We have the nylon siwash type with the lambs wool lining. We have used this type for 16 years. You would need a pretty heavy duty sewing machine to stitch a harness also.

The leather one in the last site is what we commonly call a parade harness. It does not give the same stablility and control as the siwash. We do not use them much for competition…..unless it is decorative carting and not so much pulling.
The good old siwash is the best in my opinion. They are adjustable also.

Nordkyn is really good. If you contact them, tell them the breeds and the cart type and what you want to do, they can tell you what you should get. They have always has real people that had a clue answer the phone in the past.

On most like the last one, you are given the option to have them add the shaft adapters. That would allow you to attach the shafts as well as use the singletree or spreader bar. The one shown…without the what I think they used to call a “roading harness”. Have no idea why.

We went through a LOT of harnesses back in 1993 when we first started carting. None seemed to work well and they were hard to fit. thank GOd that today the companies have gotten a lot better and there are more choices!!!!!!! The carts have gotten a lot better also….but my favorite is a cheap little model that DogWorks made called the Snap Cart. Great for competition and hauling in the groceries!!!!!

Best of luck with the carting!!! It sure is great fun!!!!!!

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Q&A: How to make a good come back to this….?

Question by Jane Gedtz: How to make a good come back to this….?
Okay so I am in ballet, I am 15 years old there is this new girl who’s just being in our class so we can teach her, she’s currently in seventh grade so that makes her what? 12. Any ways I kindly asked her what she was asking for, for christmas and she responded “Oh I am asking for a golf cart” I said Cool? do you golf? she said ” No, my parents just have enough money to buy one” I didn’t know how to respond to how rude that was. She says much more like she works and only shops at Chanel, Lush etc and remember she’s 12 she also says that she models for BMG, no offense she is not model material and she’s probably about 5’4. So basically she’s always talking about how rich she is or how her daddy is buying her this and that and she’s this “huge model” I just cant take it anymore. Its so rude to brag about money, My parents have a decent amount and i never say a thing cause i know that I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings or be a brat basically. what can i say to her just so she knows how rude she is? any witty comebacks? haha, Thank you.
And please no rude comments. :)

Best answer:

Answer by smithy
“I’m happy for you that you have all this money and success, but it’s a shame you can’t afford [or to be nicer, “money can’t buy you”] [manners][class][decorum][maturity].”

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Q&A: What are good HOMEMADE dog food recepies?

Question by Ann: What are good HOMEMADE dog food recepies?
My dog is somewhere between 18-24lbs. a (big for his kind) silky terrier.
It would be good if you know some immune system boosting recepies.
Also you can just contribute knowledge about dog nutrition (ex. “dogs should eat __% meat __% wheat __%dairy dailly. ect.)

Best answer:

Answer by Corkey
my neighbors cat!!

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What does it take to become a good dog breeder?

Question by Judgerz: What does it take to become a good dog breeder?
This won’t be for a LONG time (10+ years) but some day I’d like to breed dogs for show. I’m not entirely sure what dog I’d like to breed, although I am fond of the American Foxhound. When you start to breed, what kind of registration do you have to go through? Should you get your beginning stock from reputable breeders? About how much does it cost to get the pups tested, and at what age should it be done?

Good breeding websites and advice would be great. And, I know most of you are going to post “SPAY AND NEUTER!!!” but that’s not what I’m looking for right now. I do believe in neutering and my dog right now is neutered, but I’m talking about breeding for the welfare of a good type of dog, and for showing.
Yep, how did I know? A Spay and Neuter answer. This is why I’m asking the question: to get information so that when I do get to breeding, I know how to avoid a lot of genetic diseases and look for a good dog. Of course I’m not going to work with this information alone, but it will help. Like I said, I do believe in spaying and neutering, and any dogs that aren’t show quality will in fact be spayed and neutered. I’m not in it to make money, just for my love of the breed.
I don’t know which one to pick. All of them have great advice.

Best answer:

Answer by JR
Start going to shows. Right now. Get involved.

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Rottweilers are tested according to a set of criteria to determine their suitability as guard dogs, family dogs and pets. See Rottweilers with Dog TV in action during testing by the South African Rottweiler working dog breed council, Johannesburg, South Africa. Produced by

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