Funny Dog Video

Funny Dog Video

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Amazing Funny Dog Tricks, Dog Training

This video shows some of the tricks I have been working on recently with Kiko and Splash. Some of the more interesting ones are, teaching Splash to look left and look right, teaching her how to skip, and how to shuffle backwards in a bow. Kiko started offering a tap dancing behavior which I captured, as well as scratching with her back feet. I also taught Kiko to go between Splashes legs as I saw a Boston Terrier do in the movie Hotel for Dogs, and thought it would be very cute to teach. Splash however, looks stressed as you can see, when kiko works too closely around her, because Kiko usually will boss Splash around if she is too close to her. All these tricks were taught using clicker training and no forms of positive punishment (meaning me saying No! or eh eh! Wrong! Or any physical manipulation)
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Learn how to teach your dog the cool dog trick “Beg”. Using a target stick, clicker and your dogs most favorite treats you can build the “Beg” step-by-step. Please note that your dog will have to be familiar with the target stick (targeting) and clicker in order to be trained as in the video. Dog tricks are the best fun you can have with your dog – enjoy! Pick up your free, content packed email newsletter here:

funny pictures of dogs

funny pics of dogs.
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CRAZY -extreme FUNNY dog pics – CHECK IT OUT !!!

Incredible funny dogs pics on slideshow. Pics are so funny and interesting so you can be sure this will be good video even if you dont include comedy music in the background. And all those funny photos,or you can call pics.
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Ellen Found Funny Dog Videos!

Dogs are a human’s best friend, and in these two videos, they know how to keep everyone entertained!

These are a bunch of really funny videos of puppies and dogs. IT IS SOOO FUNNY!!

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