What’s the best name you’ve ever heard for a dog?

Question by Opiner: What’s the best name you’ve ever heard for a dog?
I remember hearing of a dog named “Dammit” once, I thought that was pretty funny.
Beni and Lays, am I gonna have to spank you two?

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Answer by Beni aka Your Mother’s Keeper
Ghostface Killah

Actually no. That’s what I would want to name a dog so imaginary canines aside that one definitely. =D

@layla, i believe you. just like I believe that I deserve a spanking. ;)

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Best DOG show EVER! at the PNE

Best dog show ever, at PNE in vancouver 2008. Brazilian guy, Dante and his border Collie in this amazing performance.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Funniest Cartoon Ever!! Opera Dog

Opera Dog Singing Largo Al Factotum on stage in front of a Live audience while a different pooch is disguised in a Conductor’s wig, with a magic wand that makes the big pup do silly, funny & hillarious things. A Must SEE!!

Have you ever heard the term “revert to the wolf”?

Question by The Questioner: Have you ever heard the term “revert to the wolf”?
I heard this once. It supposedly means when a dog “loses it”and reverts to a wolf-like state. Is this true?

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best dog ticks in the world ever

sit, sit up, lie down, hide your eyes, roll over, drop and roll, say your prayers, get my ear, get my other ear, lick, sneeze, gis a kiss, crawl, say fuk bush, turn around, touch my nose, up on my back, stand up and walk, touch the ball,
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Best Dog Guard I Have Ever Seen

Best Dog Guard I Have Ever Seen. What you says? More fun videos at www.FunGur.com

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