Question by Vernon Dozier: Redux: Does “corporate speak” drive you crazy? What are some terms current in your line of work?
And what line of work are you in?

Here’s a few terms commonly used in my place of employment:

dataful: “That was a dataful powerpoint presentation- thanks.”

impactful: “We need an impactful reorganization of our logistical potentials.”

efforting: “The admins in accounting aren’t efforting like the rest of us.”

viz: “This thing isn’t high-viz enough. We need the viz on this.”

humint (human intelligence): “Humint in Haifa confirms capital acquisition is on indefinite hold.”

Anyone using these terms in serious, professional settings needs to be beaten. Repeatedly. And then set free in a swamp with no shoes. And then hunted with dogs.

Best answer:

Answer by Captain T2 (((Zilla)))
I have a dual role in both an office and manufacturing setting. For the manufacturing portion I really get tired of being told to “Bring” my “A game”.

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