Pets, Pet, Dogs, Dog, Cats, Cat, Dog Adoption, Cat Adoption, Pet Adoption, Puppies, Kittens – Memory Book 12 X 12 Inch

Pets, Pet, Dogs, Dog, Cats, Cat, Dog Adoption, Cat Adoption, Pet Adoption, Puppies, Kittens – Memory Book 12 X 12 Inch

  • 11 1/2″ x 11 1/2″ spiral bound hard covered
  • 1 inch Twin Loop Wire Binding Spines
  • 35 pages, 11 3/8″ x 11 1/8″ – page thickness is 63lb cover
  • Acid free bright white paper, non-coated paper
  • Pages lay flat when book is opened

Pets, Pet, Dogs, Dog, Cats, Cat, Dog Adoption, Cat Adoption, Pet Adoption, Puppies, Kittens Drawing Book is a great way to start sketching, drawing, designing, scrapbooking, or just jotting down your thoughts. This unique spiral bound hard covered book includes acid free bright white paper and features twin loop wire spring binding. A great alternative to the standard photo album or notebook. Perfect for use with crayons, markers, paints, pastels, stickers, pencils and pens. Great as a gift for

List Price: $ 24.99

Price: $ 20.99

Pets, Pet, Dogs, Dog, Cats, Cat, Dog Adoption, Cat Adoption, Pet Adoption, Puppies, Kittens – Set Of 2 Key Chains

Pets, Pet, Dogs, Dog, Cats, Cat, Dog Adoption, Cat Adoption, Pet Adoption, Puppies, Kittens Key Chain is new, measuring 2.25w x 2.25h x 1/8d. Key Chain Tag has a glossy finish and comes with a hole for hardware. Our new key hanger makes an attractive decoration for any household, plus keeps keys organized and easy to find. Picture is printed on both sides of the key chain. Each includes snap-on key chain hardware.

List Price: $ 16.09

Price: $ 11.49

Scholastic Books – Clifford – Opposites (Board Book) Click above to buy. Clifford the Small Red Puppy and his big friend teach young children about slow/fast; first/last; up/down; wet/dry; and more! “sm”

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The dogs in the book were drawn by designers at Modern Dog specifically for our book. The shirt was used to advertise a movie for a Fortune 500 company and was being sold through a major retailer. The dogs on the shirt appear strikingly similar but Modern Dog Design Co. did not authorize those images to appear on the shirt. We welcome your thoughts and opinions.
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Dog Breed Facts for Fun! Book O-R

Dog Breed Facts for Fun! Book O-R

Which breed has hair that grows in reverse direction along its back? Which breed was the most registered dog in America during the 1990’s? Which breed was intended to be on the laps of Chinese rulers?

Answers to these questions and more are presented in a fun and interactive way for kids of all ages. Interesting and unique dog breed facts focusing on seven dog breed types, the Old English Sheepdog, Pit Bull, Poodle, Rat Terrier, Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Rottweiler are included in t


Question by jcgonzmo: Is the book “For the Love of a Dog: Understanding Emotion in You and Your Best Friend” any good?
am looking for a dog’s book that explain dogs in general. Not a dog training book (I already have 101 Dog Tricks). I run into this book that looks very promising. I have read some reviews in amazon, an apparently is very good. However, I would like to know if there is a better book that deals with the topics in this book. Any recommendations on books about understanding you dog.
I am getting a new puppy from a breeder. I do not want to make the mistakes that I made when I got a dog (I was 10) and did not know that obedience training and understanding your dog is very important. For training my dog, I got this book The Only Dog Tricks Book You’ll Ever Need: Impress Friends, Family–and Other Dogs!–/dp/1593372566/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1287601090&sr=1-2 . Now, I want a book that tells me how to interpret what my dog wants to tell me. Knowing when my dog is sad, thirsty, bored, happy, etc.

Best answer:

Answer by Caroline
I highly recommend anything by Cesar Millan, aka The Dog Whisperer.

Give your answer to this question below! A durable board book edition of the original classic celebrates Clifford’s thirty-fifth anniversary and, in the voice of young Emily Elizabeth, celebrates the Big Red Dog’s foibles and misadventures. “sm”

Dog books and HICCUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Question by : Which is truly better “Street smarts” or “Book Smarts”?
Now im going to post a lengthy argument on why i think books smarts is way better than street smarts, and in fact why their isn’t such thing as “book smarts” or “street smarts” to begin with.

I plan to take down all you guys arguments who think “Street Smarts” is better, and show you why in fact, Street Smarts ultimately is just a term coined by dumb people to make them seem smart. I want to show the big holes that exist in the saying that “streets smarts” are better which is just B.S. so listen to my debate because im about to go Johnny Cochran on y’all as**s.

1) First of all, I Lived in Compton for 8 years, and all of the sudden when i go to college, people who think streets smarts are better are going to say all the sudden that “hey you ain’t got know street smarts”, but what do you mean I ain’t got no “Street Smarts”? I lived in Compton for 8 years, and just because im going to be successful and go to college, all of the sudden you think im some softy who don’t know what it’s like to be in the “hood”?

That’s why i think “Streets smarts” is just a word coined by dumb people to make them feel good about themselves and their insecurities.

2)Here’s another argument you “Street Smart” lovers will try to use against me:

“Yea but if you have “book smarts” you ain’t with the people, you don’t know how to talk to people, your gullible, you don’t know how to be practical.”

Now here’s what i would say back, first of all, thier aint such thing as “book smarts” to begin with. I’m a engineering student, and we don’t just read books, we do labs, we have to built cars from the ground-up, the books just give you an idea of the parameters to think in, so you can come up with a practical solution to the problem that you are facing.

E.g. If i wanted to built a rocket (which we do sometimes in out class), one thing i would need to know is the melting point of steel and so on, so i’ll look at some kind of professional document type “book” and figure it out. You see im using the book as a tool to figure out the melting point of steel so I can know how much material and how dense the steel material need to be in order to put the steel near the nozel and not melt, and the rest is mathematics.

Now tell me how is some “Street Smart” person suppose to figure that out”…yea, I thought so.

3) Here’s some other stupid points you guys make about street smarts: “yea dog, what if you were in da hood and some gangbanger approached you and started shooting or something, you knowing how to find the radius of a rectangle ain’t going to help you in that situation.”

I would say: I know, its not going to help me in that situation, just as street smarts aren’t going to help you either. Which brings me to my point that in a situation like that, EQ (emotional intelligence) would help you most, which brings me to another point, which is, there’s really only two types of “Intelligence” IQ and EQ

EQ=knowing how to control your anger, sadness you emotional feelings, and how to be social, are you socially smart? thats what that is.

And if those gangerbangers were truly “Street smart” they wouldn’t never even shoot at you or beat you up in the first place because “street smart” is just really EQ, and if their shooting at you or trying to beat you up, that means they don’t know how to control their emotions in the first place! which the means they dont have a high EQ, which then means they ain’t “street smart”

4) People say that “Street smarts” and common sense are the same thing right? Well if that’s the case, then their even stupider!, because who takes pride in having “Common sense”? seriously who take pride in that? There’s a reason why it’s called “Common sense” put emphasis on the “Common” part, it means everybody HAS IT!! DUH, everybody should have it!!, its not rocket sceince, people think if you have an High IQ thenthat usually means that you don’t got no common sense, Which is so stupid!! are you saying doctors aint go no common sense? wrong, are you saying lawyers ain’t got no common sense? wrong because lawyers out of all, have to have common sense because they debate and defend people dumb*ss*s.

But for people to take pride in a type of intellegence that is so minute and easy to have, to me that is quite childish. All common sense is situations like this, e.g. dont touch the stove when it’s hot, dont talk crap to a gangerbanger, dont drive a fancy ass car when your in compton or you’ll get robbed, dont chew with your mouth open and so on and so on. Who doesn’t know those basic rules?

5) Some of those “street smarts” lovers say that people with streets smarts are more successful then those without it.(which is false because in the previous paragraph i just prove to you guys that everybody has common sense and common sense is a basic human trait.) Let me tell you something a doctor, lawer, list goes on and on is smarter than any of you wit
Street smarts are for DUMB people. if you want to know why, then read what i posted.

Best answer:

Answer by Jenn
I don’t know why you expect anyone in P&S to read all that.

What do you think? Answer below!

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