Question by dogperson22: What is the best company of dog food for my Westie?
I was just wondering what Would be the best Company of dog food to feed my Westie-and something that was made for Westies, so then he wont get any skin infections. I heard that Iams dog food isn’t that good. i was also wondering what i would need to get for my westie before i get him.

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Answer by Stanley the Westie
Iam’s is not a good dog food. I feed my baby Canidae and nutro. I switch them because I don’t want him to get sick of one kind. There are more organic food out there that’s good too but always remember DO NOT buy dog food from the grocery store for them because they are normally not good for the dogs

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Q&A: What’s the best way to train your jack russell?

Question by tjholt2001: What’s the best way to train your jack russell?
My borther got my kids a jack russell and he is 8weeks old. I was wondering the best way to train such a hipper dog.

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Answer by Misa M
1. Join Start Puppy Training:

Potty training, biting, nipping, crate training, toys, chews, problem behaviors : all are discussed. This is a great group for all puppy owners!
2. Sign up for a class. PetSmart and Petco have great intro to training . Puppy K / Beginner classes. They also are all positive and will give you a great start.
3. Check out Agility, Flyball, Obedience, and Rally. Your dog is a busy, smart dog. When busy, smart dogs are not given jobs to do, they will find their own…..and chances are very good that you will really not like what they choose to do.

Good luck!

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Question by Amy K: What is the best dog food to feed a dog that has allergies.?
My cocker licks her front paws all the time. I haven’t yet talked to the vet, but wanted opinions on people who have had the same problem. Thank you.

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Answer by Shanks P
Hypoallergenic dog food.
Go to the pet food and talk to them.
You can do the same at a vet but they’ll charge you a paw and a tail

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Question by Wintergirl: What is the best dog food to feed my German Shepherd and why?
Aside from cooking her meat myself, what’s the best quality dry dog food? I just spent on a bag of Royal Canin, and Costco’s dog food has chicken & chicken meal as the 1st 2 ingredients, while Royal Canin’s 2nd ingredient is rice!

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Answer by Clint E
humans are good…dogs love them

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