Dogs! Learn About Dogs and Enjoy Colorful Pictures – Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Dogs)

Dogs! Learn About Dogs and Enjoy Colorful Pictures – Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Dogs)

Are your kids interested in Dogs? Awesome! You have found the right book. Help your children learn more about dogs today by reading this book.

Here is what is included inside “Dogs! Learn About Dogs and Enjoy Colorful Pictures – Look and Learn!”…

Dog Breeds
Dog Pictures
Dog Facts
Dog Beds
Dog Food
Dogs Eating
Fun Dog Facts
And Lots More!

Includes over 50 high quality photos of dogs!


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What should I know about ferrets before buying one?

Question by mscandaceelaine: What should I know about ferrets before buying one?
I’m looking for some facts and personal stories about owning a ferret. My boyfriend wants a small animal and I thought a ferret would be great because their cute, friendly and a lot more affordable than a dog. What are your personal opinions about owning a ferret, the pros and cons more less. Where can I buy one to make sure it is healthy and friendly? Are they already spayed and descented when you buy them? What type of food is required, and how long do they live? I am not sure if it’s a good idea or not. I am just looking for feedback from owners and experts. Thanks a lot you guys!

Best answer:

Answer by Bluefuzz
They are smelly but are really neat fun pets…

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Question by a_bcde123456789: Why are people so mad about Michael Vick killing dogs when people kill each other every day?
People kill each other every day yet the whole country gets mad at Michael Vick for killing a few dogs. When people kill each other everyday, nobody cares, but when Michael Vick kills a few dogs people go crazy. I just think thats interesting.
im sayin why dont people get this outraged when someone lkills someone else cuz it usually isnt national news when someone murders someone else, but it is when michael vicks kills some dogs
Im not saying that killing isnt wrong because i believe that it is wrong. All im saying is that its interesting that most murders dont become national news, yet killing dogs does. Im not saying that one is right and one is wrong because I think that both are wrong.

Best answer:

Answer by Secret Asian Man
Killing anything is wrong. I doubt people will suddenly forgive murderers just because of what Vick did. Everyone that murders something, human, dog, or otherwise, deserves to be punished, period.

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Question by Katslookup – a Fostering Fool!: What do you think about blocking users in the “Dogs” section?
I know that many people in this section have been known to be rude or abrupt in their answers. Is that a good reason to block them? Do you worry that if you block some of the “Top Contributors” that the quality and validity of those who are left to answer your questions would decrease?

The reason I ask is that I have been blocked by a few people because they don’t agree with me. Which is fine. But, I don’t have anyone blocked because I want everyones opinion when I ask a question.

Does anyone else feel that way? I mean, you are in the “Dogs” section where there are so many people whose experiences and educations are different. Wouldn’t you want as many of them to give you their input? If you don’t like someone’s answer, you don’t have to read it, right?

Hummm……Just wondering…….

Best answer:

Answer by sinnyloo
I have to agree, I myself wouldn’t block unless it was something extremely serious. Various points of view whether we agree or not are always educational and more often than not, valid.

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I saw my dog “licking” himself for about 3 hours.?

Question by  : I saw my dog “licking” himself for about 3 hours.?
I couldn’t really tell that it was 3 hours though, but the image went on repeatedly for most of my dream.

Best answer:

Answer by tessa46
it means he is just cleaning his self

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Is my friend right about this?

Question by Lauren: Is my friend right about this?
Is my friend right about dogs? We got in a fight about our dogs, and now I’m starting to think she is right. Here was the conversation.

Leah: is hannah and indoor or outdoor dog?

Me: “outdoor dog”?

Leah: A outdoor dog spends its whole day outside or most of it like my dog but usually on like a 15 ft long leash tied to something

Me: OMG that’s awful

Leah: Indoor dogs go for walks
She seems to enjoy it
She hates being inside
And we let her run

Me: That’s sad
Doggies are pack animals
That need to be around people
Or they get nervous or aggressive round people and hate being round people

Leah: We take her for walks
And sometimes she sits in my dads study with my dad
Are u accusing me of being a bad owner? Shes inside for the evening

Me: Ugh

Leah: Well my dogs not like that so…
She was already nervous and shes nervous around strangers
But not US
hell she remembered us! After four months!

Me: Well her being isolated alone outside makes her nervousness worse an definitely doesn’t help it

Leah: Well it sounds like ur accusing me of mistreating my dog

Me: Well.

Leah: She LIKES it outside
She begs to go out!

Me: Yes but it’s not good for her to be outside all alone!
She is doing what she’s comfortable with
Which is being alone outside
And not healthy for dogs
Ugh nevermind

So she acts like she knows everything about dogs, but she like leaves her dog outside, and she says I’m a bad owner because I don’t let Hannah outside all the time and she says I spoil my dog because I raw feed her, and now I’m starting to think that she’s right. Should I leave my dog outside all day? She seems really happy outside, and now I don’t know what to do.

Best answer:

Answer by Lauren
shes right out door dogs live for about 6 years indoor can live for 18[hahahaha we have the same name

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Q&A: Why do people go on here and ask what to do about their seriously ill or injured dog?

Question by My baby Missy: Why do people go on here and ask what to do about their seriously ill or injured dog?
When your dog is seriously ill or injured, every second counts. You need to know what to do in case of an emergency before it occurs. There’s a series of ebooks available that can answer all your questions about dog health faster and better than asking random strangers on here. These ebooks were written by dog experts and veterinarians, and will provide you with a much more detailed answer. With these books, you can actually learn to self diagnose your dog, so you know what to do, before the medical emergency happens. That’ll give you more time to get your dog to the vet, and keep him/her alive longer. So, why waste precious seconds asking strangers on the Internet what to do, when you can find out in a couple minutes with this ebook “The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health”. It also comes with four other ebooks, one of which is about first aid. If your dog is not breathing, you’ll know how to do CPR or the Heimlich maneuver (if he’s choking). Your dog has a much better chance of survival, if you know what to do in five minutes, rather than ask on here and get “take her to the vet” for every answer. Check out this page This could really save your dog’s life one day.

Best answer:

Answer by animals4ever
They are hoping that he injury and illness is nothing nd heir pet is fine. They don’t wnt to say that heir pets could be dieing. Also They probably hope they can help their animals without going to th vet nd paying hi be bill..

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