Sports, Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Football, Cricket, Billiards Playing Funny Dogs on Art prints

I have some of the funniest Sports Playing funny dogs and cats on art prints by various artists including Louis Wain 1860-1939 Funny Cats,Kittens and Animals. Below are links to my surplus collection which I am selling UK and World Wide via my Website.

I have over 20 types of fine art poster Pictures of Sports and Billiards playing funny dog breeds and cats:


The Hustler

Jack The Ripper

The Scratching Beagle

Hey One Leg On The Floor

The Golfing Slice

The Losing Bet

The Poker Friend

The Peeing Dogs

The Dogs Bath

The Motorbiking Dogs

The Driving & Drinking Dogs

The Partied Out Dogs

The Dogs Beer Drinking Competition

The Chess Playing Dogs

The Dice Playing Dogs 1

The Dice Playing Dogs 2

Football Playing and Spectating Dogs

Golf Playing Funny Cats

Cricket Playing funny Cats

Badminton Playing funny Cats


Funny Rules of Golf by Perrier and Golf Playing Funny Cats and Dogs on Art prints.


Horses and Jockeys on fine art prints by English artists from 17th. To 20th. Century.


Angling, Shooting, Hunting, FieldSports, Wildlife on fine art prints from 1700’s to 1900’s.

All pictures are 15 1/2 inches by 11 3/4 inches in size ( Picture Frames can be brought off the peg at any local retailer ) and art prints are sold for GB £13-99 each + GB £8 Post and Packing per Order.


***On Special Offer***Buy any 4 art posters for GB £55 & Free P&P…A Saving of GB £9***


All Art poster prints are sent in a stationary tube anywhere in the UK by Royal Mail Special Next Day Delivery or signed for delivery worldwide.


Tel.02392-431503 or


My family tree has been traced back to the early Kings of England from the 7th Century AD. I am also a direct descendent of Sir Christopher Wren which has given me an interest in English History which is great fun to research. My articles are all about my interests in English History that the world will be amazed at. For example: The first manned flight was in England in 1849 and the first passenger vehicle was invented in England in 1801.

My other website is called Directory of British Icons:


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