Snoozer dog car seats – the secret to a safe and enjoyable car ride for small pets

The Snoozer brand Lookout Dog Car Booster Seat


A great item for small dogs.  The product  has about 4 sizes and dozens of colors to match your particular need.  It’s American-made by O’Donnell Industries in Greenville, SC.  The Lookout was invented by the owner of O’Donnell’s to help his small pet see out the car window on car rides.  So he made a very high quality product, and one with safety features that help keep your pet secured to the car booster seat, which in turn is secured to the car’s seat with your seat belt.

The Lookout Dog Car Seat boosts your pet 9 inches — which  for 15 years experience has been enough of a boost for even the tiniest dogs to see out the car window.

The Lookout has been sold for about 15 years, and on the Internet for about 12 years.  It draws rave reviews from thousands of satisfied customers.

The safety feature works this way:  The lap part of your seat belt wraps around the “waist” of the car seat and locks it in.  Snoozer provides a small safety strap that locks around the lap seat belt at one end, and at the other end hooks to a harness on your pet.  Some Lookouts will hold more than one pet and you can purchase additional straps for them if you put several dogs in a Lookout.  You can use any brand harness, but Snoozer also sells dog harnesses in all sizes, and in particular a super safety harness made for dogs that has been crash tested to the same standards as those for a child.

Most Lookouts will hold one pet, but sometimes more, depending on the size of the pets.  A special large size, like the one at right,  was made to hold 2-3 pets.  Various models of the Lookout in small to large sizes can also be monogrammed.






The Lookout comes in many sizes and iterations and sometimes picking the right size can be difficult .  Some websites that sell the Lookout advertise that they offer personal advice by phone on selecting the right size and model.

The latest development of the product is a Luxury line of the basic bed but with velvety soft micro fiber covers and a tufted pillow in micro fiber added.  The micro fiber has the look of leather suede and fine upholstery.  The perfect complement to your fine auto.  Pet Safety and great looks.







Other  practical small dog products from O’Donnell Industries include a pet airline wheeled roll around which serves as a pet bed and pet container that fits under the airline seat in front of you.  It’s also great when you have a long day of shopping or chores to run that requiring walking and you want to take your pet with you with least discomfort to you and the greatest comfort to your pet.



Jack Gregory is retired from the US Air Force with more than 25 years service and now has his own business, as an internet retailer of Snoozer brand pet products – Quality Pet Supplies.

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