Simple Food Trick That Could Save Your Dog’s Life

Have you ever caught your dog eating something that they shouldn’t? Perhaps they have a piece of plastic or worse (poo!) The easiest way to prevent this behavior is to establish leadership over your puppy when you first bring it home.

To do this, simply take one of your dog’s treats and have your pup “sit”.

Once your dog is in the “sit”, take a treat and toss it away from them a few feet. DO NOT let your dog go for the treat. If they try moving toward the treat, stop them by saying “AH AH”, or something similar.

Your dog needs to understand that you are the boss, and it’s up to you WHEN and WHAT they eat.

Keep doing this exercise until your dog won’t move toward the treat. They should keep their eyes focused on you. After a short time, such as 20 seconds or so, tell you dog “IT’S OKAY”, and point towards the treat. Make sure to praise your dog when they pick up the treat.

This trick, once practiced continually, could actually save your dog’s life, because he knows that he must get permission from you before he eats. I tried this with the last two dog’s I owned, and was amazed how effective it is. IT WORKS!

If you do catch your dog with something in their mouth they’re not supposed to have, yell out, “DROP IT!”
This command seems to work rather well.

Try this simple trick with your dog, I think you’ll be amazed.

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Start seeing positive changes in your dog’s behavior in just a couple of days!


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