Ollie (poodle) and Iris (German shepherd) are almost two years old and visit Ikea. Ollie has been in training for 1 yr 9 months, Iris has been in training for 5-6 months. At 4:50 we run into an unmarked “service dog” at the end of a flexi lead who is in another aisle from the person he is purportedly helping. Note that the person grabbing the leash is not the person being helped! It is the other lady in the lighter sweater who is totally oblivious, and who the dog ignores. The person grabbing the leash said that the service dog is for the lady in the light sweater, and that she is Deaf.
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Find out how to teach your dog to ‘pull’ on cue using a game, then apply this to opening doors, drawers and cupboards. Star (*) indicates the clicker sound for deaf/HOH. Train your dog to be a canine superstar Brought to you by Vancouver Island Assistance Dogs How to videos now available for purchase on on CD. See our blog for more information. www.viassistancedogs.blogspot.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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