Question by ashlee a: separation anxiety in a dog..what do i do?
i think my dog has “separation anxiety”. he follows me everywhere. he can be dead asleep on the couch and i will get up as quietly as i can, not make a sound, and he is up and following me. if i role over in bed he jumps up to make sure im not leaving. he chews up everything (even the corners of the walls). i love my puppy to death but i am getting so frustrated with him following me everywhere that i am thinking about getting rid of him. someone please help me!!!
by the way he is a 30 pound rottie/lab mix named Duke.
hes about 4 months old.

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Answer by Becky
You need to find a way to show him that he is OK without you. If he knows sit/stay you could have him stay in one room while you go to another and be out of sight for a few seconds then come back in & treat & praise. Extend the time that you are out of sight.

Sometimes separation anxiety happens because people hold puppies all the time, carry them around & sleep with them. The pup doesn’t get a chance to become independent.

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