You can activate the English caption by clicking the “CC” menu button located on the bottom right of the video player. You can also watch the Interactive Transcript by clicking on the menu button. More Info: Sign Petitions: Here is subtitle of this video. Dog meat industry is an animal cruelty industry. Produced by “Korean Society for Animal Freedom”. Dog meat consumption continues with an excuse that it is a Korean culture. However, dogs should not be classified and treated as livestock. That’s because dogs have been domesticated to be companion animals and also they can potentially be aggressive. This video shows cruelty to dogs during the process of being transported to markets and slaughterhouses. Dogs are exposed in this truck driving at a full speed. Dogs are extremely terrified. Dogs are intentionally put into small cages to prevent from fighting with each other. But this causes serious physical and psychological injuries to the dogs. To prevent the dogs from fighting back, during the transport process, ropes are tightly tied around their necks or other tools are used that add more cruelty to these dogs. Spine injuries are very often caused by rough handling of these dogs. Dogs have sensed their horrible fate and they are terrified. As long as dog consumption continues in S. Korea, this horrific cruelty cannot be stopped. When dogs cannot live as companions to humans, aggressiveness can be developed. Based on the

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