Royal Canine Dog Food for Life-Long Nutrition

The people at Royal Canine Dog Food understand dogs probably more thoroughly than any other dog food manufacturer. From the growing puppy to the active adult and advancing senior our pooches benefit from the enormous amount of love and research Royal Canine puts into its extensive line of dog food.

Since Royal Canine Dog Food was founded in France in 1967, they have been researching the vast variety of dog breeds to formulate the optimal nutritional balance for each breed at each stage of its loyal, human-loving life. Here we are, so fortunate to have ready access to this wealth of information to support the nutritional well-being of our canine companions – and all we need to do is pick up the appropriate bag! Life is good!

Consider these Royal Canine doggie-diet details and learn that size does matter. The puppy stage for a small breed lasts approximately eight months opposed to a large breed that may stay a puppy for up to twenty-four months. Royal Canine adjusts their puppy formulae to take breed, growth timetable, and accompanying energy level into consideration.

Embracing this wide difference in growth and puppy stages, Royal Canine Dog Foods are developed to support healthy growth of the entire pooch: skeletal structure, organs, and mental capacity at the same time acknowledging the energy-expending requirements of the various breeds.

Small dogs require more than twice the energy-dense diet a large dog does. This may be in part because of the doorbell, jumping up and down barking experience, but the consensus is not unanimous.

The large breeds begin the aging process earlier than smaller dogs. Larger dogs are considered senior at approximately age five and the smaller not until about age eight. Royal Canine Dog Food recognized this and suggests you look into a senior diet for your pooch even before obvious signs of age are apparent. As you may imagine, a variety of nutritious, senior-supporting foods are available for your pooches’ health and longevity.

The unconditional love we receive so willingly from our four-legged friends is without parallel. We owe it to them and ourselves to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle and as luck would have it,Royal Canine Dog Food has made this easy beyond measure. Bon appetite, Fido! Do dogs have all the luck? No, Royal Canine makes cat food too.

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Royal Canin dog food
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