Consider Homemade Recipes For Dog Food Plenty of pet owners are hesitant to feed their dog “human” food even though dogs have lived for thousands of years eating human scraps. It is only in the last hundred years or so that people believe that quality packaged or canned dog food is the best option for their pet’s meal. While there are a few companies that create high quality dog food without the fillers and preservatives, most manufacturers don’t live up to that standard. Many dog owners are becoming concerned with all the preservatives and additives found in the recipes for dog food created by numerous manufacturers. There is such apprehension of the unhealthy risks associated with preservatives and additives in human food, why feed this food to your family pet? Research reveals that many of today’s pet illnesses are due to the highly processed diets from consuming packaged dog food. Healthy Recipes for dog food Instead of buying processed food, consider homemade recipes for dogs consisting of healthy food options. You can find many great recipes for dog food that you can easily create at home. Before making dog food it is important to consult a veterinarian before changing the dog’s diet. The vet may also provide dietary guidelines for your pet since a dog’s digestive system is different than a human’s. A homemade dog food recipe will often consist of raw foods since that is the most naturally way an animal consumes his food. Look for Dog food ratings? What’s in your dog food. Commercial vs Homemade. The shocking truth about dog food. Akron dog food reviews
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