Question by glamourjunkie: Reasonably priced grain-free dog food?
What are some cheap or reasonably priced grain-free dog foods? I’ve been thinking about trying “EVO” but, for one the prices is a bit steep and two I have had a hard time finding any place in my area that sells it?

And please, no bullsh*t about “oooh, you should be willing to spend any amount of money on your dog’s food!” or “You should get the most expensive one”. Being as cognizant of marketing strategies as I am, I’m fully aware that price doesn’t guarantee quality.

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Answer by Red Rover
I understand what you mean. It’s sold at petco. I think a 5lb of dry food is , and each can is .25.
You can always buy dog food online. Does your local pet store have Canidae? Try that.

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