Question by CApitLvr: Question for “designer dog” owners?
Question for “designer dog” owners:
What made you buy your dog? Why did you not choose to adopt from a shelter if you wanted a mixed breed? Where did you get your dog from? Do you think the “breeder” you got your dog from was right in breeding mixed dogs? How do you justify adding to the overpopulation problem?
Im not trying to attack anyone, I just want to know your side.
haha Corgi, you did make me smile.

But oh no, the little girl with the silky/poodle mix is very misinformed. The “bettering the breed for ME” mentality is what is so disturbing. What is in the best intrest for the dog has gone right out the window, people are looking for a custom made little toy and forgeting that these are living, breathing animals.
I understand you are only 13, the responsiblity to make an informed and non-selfish decision falls on your parents but regardless buyers like your family are what is causing the overpopulation problem. I agree, is hard to accually adopt a dog from but shelters are everywhere and they are very eager to find their dogs homes. People dont understand that even if they dont breed their dog buying from a backyard(or ANY “designer” breeder) is contributing/causing the overpopulation problem because your 0 guarentees that they will breed their dog again and create yet another litter
Haha, oh yea gotta love the will to learn, huh?

To the person that bought the yorkie/poodle mix, you didnt rescue your dog- you just perpetuated the problem and purchased a dog from a very old puppymill owner. You should have called the SPCA or the police, what that lady was doing was illegal and cruel and you gave her money for it.
How do you figure you are not part of the problem? What gives you the right to bring more dogs into the world while there are plenty of lovely, purebred Chis in the world that are looking for homes?

What is wrong with those dogs listed about? And what is so special about your dog and her puppies that those dogs listed on the website should be put to sleep to make room for your litter?
As far as all of the other horrible things that are going on in the world, of course theres worse things then pet overpopulation but lets just stick with the topic at hand, ok?

this video is very sad but its a reality that people like you have created. Watch it think about the consequences of your actions.
Of course you are going to keep doing what makes YOU happy, with no concern for your impact on the lives of others, unfortunetly your immature, shortsighted mentality is very common these days.
The reason I am so passionately against what you do is because I DO volenteer at my local SPCA and I also have at least 2 rescue APBT’s at any given time. I foster shelter dogs and try to find them homes, it is VERY hard to do so because people like you continue to breed their pet quality dogs and work against us. For every one dog I save, you breed 3 that will undo all of my hard work. You have no idea how detrimental people like you are to the dog population.
you would want to lecture too if you had to look into puppies eyes and know they will be put to sleep because there are just too many breeders out there bringing unwanted puppies into the world.
To have people essentially laugh in your face for encouraging them to spay/neuter their pet. There truly is no animal that can rival the selfishness of humans.
What? of course shelters let you meet a dog before you adopt it. They wont take the calls and emails of a 13 year old seriously because, as you pointed out, they are busy. VERY busy, cleaning up the messes that irresponsible people like yourself leave behind. Had you made a genuine effort to adopt a shelter dog (ie have your parents bring you to the shelter and meet the dogs as a family) you would have had much better luck.
All I am trying to do is educate you on the plight of Americas dog population. When you get a little older hopefully you will be able to see the big picture, for now do your best by the dog you do have. There is an innocent dog in a shelter that is suffering because you chose to buy from a backyard breeder. Had you not chosen to get the dog you did you could have given the little dog in the shelter a home, but he wont get a home now. I’m not trying to make you sad or angry, I am simply trying to explain my point to you in words you will understand.
I completely see your point of view, it is very valid and very kind. You saw a sad dog and wanted to save it, that is sweet and shows you have a very kind heart. I used to think the EXACT same way when I was your age, I am just trying to give you some facts so that you can help the big picture and stop unintentionally making the problem worse. The issue is is that a lot of people see a poor little dog and want to “save” it but they dont think about the fact that they are paying for that puppy and the money thet give the breeder will allow him to do it all over again. The only way to stop backyard breeding and puppy mills is to stop buying dogs from them.

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Answer by pineapple girl007
actually i do own one. she is Chihuahua and Dachshund well we did adopt her from a shelter at the time we had no idea that she was prat of this “fad” designer dogs. so i dunno if i fall into this category but i thought i would answer anyways. and i’m with ya i thinking adopting is the only way to go unless you buy from a real breeder

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