Question by Tee Tee: Question about “Dog Food Analysis”.?
I have been wondering why so many people seem to put so much faith in the site I noticed that on their faqs they state that they are not associated with any dog food manufacturers, yet when I was just on their site there were several dog food websites listed. And it is contradictory that one of the sites listed was Iams, a food which was given an extremely low rating. Also, I noticed that the site is run by Boxer World. Does anyone know anything about Boxer World? And lastly, I have searched for similar sites so that I can do a comparison of ratings, but I have not been able to find any. Does anyone know of any other sites?
One more thing I wanted to add is that the site states that the reviews are the opinions of the editors, who are a “small” group of volunteers. I’m just looking for honest opinions of the site.

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Answer by Terry Y
I like the site. I feed my puppy Orijen, most commercial dog food is just plain bad for your dog.

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