Question by twoedgextreme: Why is Okay to create different breeds and variations in the 1800,s. But not for Minihuskies.?
The process is called “Eugenics”. I love Siberian Huskies! But the sad truth is that the customers will say that they can handle a standard sized Husky till you find out they let it go to a kill shelter. Truth be known it is easier to adopt a small dog, rather than a large, so the large dog’s are killed! The answer for their survival is to make it where people and dogs can be together. Minihuskies are bred for the overall health of the breed variation. So should any breeder consider their health. Another thing do all of you think that making a breed variation will make you allot of money? LOL, NO! If you have a dream to save your favorite breed, then you would take that money and invest in a large genetic pool with allot of careful planning. The Alaskan Klee Klays are not Siberian Huskies they are a different breed. They say that! Minihuskies are a attempt to create a variation of the breed. So my question is why is it on all of these forums there are so many uninformed comments made as “Good Advice”. But if what you said was cross referenced you would be wrong. Dog’s are the only animal that Eugenics is so easily done. No other animal can be changed so easily! That is a fact. I think people and dog’s belong together. And that breeders need your support and advice. This is life and it is beautiful.

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Answer by Big Black Momma
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