Question by mle: Why do people think they can “create new breeds” by giving it a dumb name?
Great Chihuahua

WHAT IS GOING ON???? Why does EVERYBODY think they can just mix dog breed names together and pass them off as purebred? They give it some “cute” little name and people are like “ohh, yeah, purebred. no, a HYBRID.” They are just mutts. Dont give them any cute names, and DONT BREED THEM!!! they are just mixes, and they will NOT be AKC registered, no matter how many times people wish they could be.
Who are the people dumb enough to buy them, and claim they have a purebred dog? This seems to be a new fad, and its REALLY BUGGING ME.

this is more of a vent-your-opinion question. I just got my top contributor tag taken away because i havent been on here for like a month, and just wanted to see why people are STILL so dumb.
I would also like to add the people who believe that just because it “came with papers” it is AKC Registered.
Saw somebody posting asking why their AKC registered pittbull is 15lbs at 15 weeks. well, that may have some validity to it, but if they were dumb enough to buy an AKC registered pitt, why put it past them to buy a chihuahua that “has papers” saying it was a pitt?

since when were pitts AKC registered? I have seen SOOOO many people say that. THERE IS NOT SUCH BREED. quite irritating. people always think that these breeds are AKC registered, but dont even bother looking to see if AKC accepts the breed.
to the last two people who answered (doglover and show breeders sell sick puppies)

there is a difference. Purebred dogs were bred for a PURPOSE. whether it was hunting dogs, guard dogs, herding dogs, scent dogs, they were bred to do something.
these “new breeds” are just because people are dumb enough to buy them because they have a cool name. I do believe they deserve a nice home and family, but i do not think they should be respected as “pure breeds” or anything, because ONLY backyard breeders and puppymills are cranking these out. Most BYBs are breeding them on accident, or know that people are like “OMG CUTE NAMES!! LETS GET ONE!” and they are passing on genetic defects that good breeders know NOT to pass on.

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Answer by mrwafffle
hehehehehehe cockapoo

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