Question by My baby Missy: Why do people go on here and ask what to do about their seriously ill or injured dog?
When your dog is seriously ill or injured, every second counts. You need to know what to do in case of an emergency before it occurs. There’s a series of ebooks available that can answer all your questions about dog health faster and better than asking random strangers on here. These ebooks were written by dog experts and veterinarians, and will provide you with a much more detailed answer. With these books, you can actually learn to self diagnose your dog, so you know what to do, before the medical emergency happens. That’ll give you more time to get your dog to the vet, and keep him/her alive longer. So, why waste precious seconds asking strangers on the Internet what to do, when you can find out in a couple minutes with this ebook “The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health”. It also comes with four other ebooks, one of which is about first aid. If your dog is not breathing, you’ll know how to do CPR or the Heimlich maneuver (if he’s choking). Your dog has a much better chance of survival, if you know what to do in five minutes, rather than ask on here and get “take her to the vet” for every answer. Check out this page This could really save your dog’s life one day.

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Answer by animals4ever
They are hoping that he injury and illness is nothing nd heir pet is fine. They don’t wnt to say that heir pets could be dieing. Also They probably hope they can help their animals without going to th vet nd paying hi be bill..

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