Question by Random Person: When should i tell him he was adopted?
His name is Sam and he just turned 5 years old and i think he is noticing some differences. Just the other day we were swimming and i noticed him starring at me and looking back at himself. He is mostly black and im white. Ive always tried to make the word “adoption” a good word since he was younger but i havnt had it in me to tell him the truth. Im afraid he thinks he is human and if he does, i dont know what i would do. He is a border collie after all and they say its the smartest breed of dog, but still, will he understand? Any advice?

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Answer by Betrayed
Well, it is a tough subject. And it can be even more frustrating when he doesn’t even speak English….. You could try getting to his level, staying positive and just telling him straight up. He will have questions. Be ready to answer them. And also have a rubber duck or tennis ball on hand incase he starts crying, that can be pretty sad. But he does have to know sooner or later…. You don’t want other puppies at the park to tell him do you? Nope. That’ll be even worse. If he hears from someone else, and thinks you lied to him about it then he’ll NEVER sit for you again. Even if you have snausages.

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