Question by Andy B: What type of dog should i get based on my “info”?
I have to go to school for 7hrs… 1 is home at that time.
i love running! i want a dog that is active
i want a dog that doesnt shed a lot and causes little allegy problems!
i have a brother under 5
and i want one that doesnt need a lot of grooming……

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Answer by ♥Cristina♥
-OK, this should answer your question, looks long, but goes quickly. This is something I wrote before, I give it to people to read alot and get ALOT of best answers (Im not saying that to make you give it to me, Im just letting you know how good it is so you read it!) and has alot of info, It would just tell you everything I want you to know but more-

Dobermans are the best! there are not enough words for me to discribe how good a doberman is. Im always saying the same thing over and over agian to people, but a Doberman is the MOST AFFECTIONATE DOG EVER. I have worked in the circus since I was a baby and so did my family for 5 generations, and I have volunteerd at animal shelters and no dog can add up to a dobie. I have lived with them allll my life. And my dad trains them, and he taught me.
Now i currently have one, bc my dad lives in spain when he came to visit, he took me to a shelter and we adopted the one i have now, Hammer.
But any-whoo.. A doberman is not dangerous unless you abuse it, or treat it wrong for example, hitting him, ignoring, screaming at them abusivly, purposuly abusng him, and ect ect. As with any dog, they would become angry and not take it anymore, and snap back. But for NO reason EVER will a dobe attack its owner for no reason. And when you get a dobie, its all on how you raise it. Keeping it isolated from people and other animals will make it become afraid. let me tell you a bit about dobes!

They were “invented” for Guarding by a man who was a tax collector in Germany, named Louis Dobermann (short 1″N”). Who needed a dog to protect him in his runs accross town to collect taxes in the “scummy” neighborhoods. So He hand picked dogs like
The Rottweiler- was used in the development of the breed due to its massiveness and intelligence. This very solid dog also possessed great stamina, and had excellent tracking ability. Sometimes the Rottweiler strain can be seen in a Doberman with a “wavy” coat.
The Old German Pinscher (now extinct) – Black and tan, smooth coat, and energetic. Alertness and aggressiveness
The Beauceron- contributed size and color to the Dobermann bloodline. The Beauceron was a solidly built dog, very alert, and was known to be intelligent as well.
Sporting Dogs- was used to lengthen the head – attentive, loving, and territorial.
Weimaraner – Points, retrieves, good nose for tracking. Possible introduction of the gene for producing the blue Doberman.
Blue Dane – Ferocious – used for boar hunting.
English Greyhound – Would account for the black in color, additional height, stamina, and the speed of the Doberman.They do not have to be trained to guard their family and they are very Intelligent, Dobermans are the smartest breed of dog, you can look it up if you dont believe me. Them, and the german shepherd breed are both popular in shtuzund, and the doberman was invented with all these breedes so they can perform ANY job.The AKC quotes them as ” Compactly built, muscular and powerful, for great endurance and speed. Elegant in appearance, of proud carriage, reflecting great nobility and temperament. Energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient. ” and also “The properly bred and trained Doberman has proved itself as friend and guardian, As is developed, its qualities of intelligence and ability to absorb and retain training brought it into demand as a police and war dog.”…
to read more about them, go here :…
Also, you wouldn’t be sorry. They dont shed, they are VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY easy to train because of their intelligence, Extremly humorus!!!!! Their Bark is very intimidating, and their bite is worse ONLY when needed. when trained properly. Also they are VERY Affectionate, ask any Dobe owner and they will tell you. All Breeders and dog experts will also tell you that they get their nicknames, “velcro” dogs for being soo affectionate. They love to follow you everywhere, and please. They love children and animals as with any other dogs, when they are familiar with them or just no afraid, or if an abused dobe, or any other dog for that matter, you dont know for a fact or not, if they have problems.
Dobermans and other dogs only get bad reps becuase of the stupid Idiots behind them.

-And for training or ANY problems you could E-mail me any time at all. I can help you over the internet with it so you dont have to spend money. I really dont mind. I love helping people, and i know lots about dobermans i can write a book! so be free to E-mail me if you need more help on deciding, or getting. I know many breeders and rescues! Please, get ahold of me, I can help you with ANYTHING!!!!. =]

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