Question by Tammy: What is the best dog food to switch from a prescribed fish and potato dry food?
My dog is ready to start wheening her off her prescribed fish and potato diet of dry dog food. Do you have any ideas of what brand and type of dry food that would be best for her. She has been dealing with allergies and has been on shots for the past year.
The dermatogist could not find exactly what she is allergic to regarding foods. I wastold that there is no testing that can rule this out. She has been on the fish a potato doet for 1 year. She is allergic to mold, various grasses, and leaves, etc.

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Answer by tpettee
Here is an awesome diet my friends have used for 11 years!

Cooked Rice, raw ground turkey, frozen mixed vegetables. Sometimes they add a little diluted broth!
The dogs love it, are VERY healthy.
They feed two times a day. When I visited them for two weeks, the dogs could wait to eat! They have 9 dogs. They cook rice on their days off and keep it in the frig. Watch the sales for ground turkey and frozen mixed vegies. Each feeding they mix everything up in a big bowl and pass it out!
I have done this several times but I havent been consistant! I have too many things always going on and got lazy!

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