Question by Adri ❤ ABCA Border Collies, not AKC! ❤: What could be wrong with me?
***BEFORE YOU READ THIS***…I know it looks really long, but it’s not. It just looks that way because I put symptoms as bullet points, which sort of stretches it out.
Any idea what could be wrong with me..? Here’s my “symptoms”, or abnormal things about me..

-Lost all but 2 or 3 of my friends after a change of schools, and have zero desire to make new friends, or even talk to the ones I do still have.
-I don’t care about how I look any more.
-I don’t like to make eye contact with people I don’t know. If I have to look at them, I guess you could describe it as ‘fleeting’ glances. Looking people in the eye makes me really nervous.
-I will avoid confrontation at any cost. I prefer to e-mail/text people instead of call, because with e-mail or text you can read and reread everything to make sure I didn’t say anything wrong.
-When I DO have to call someone who isn’t close family/friend, I have to work up the nerve to do it. Sometimes I’ll sit there for 5 or more minutes trying to work up the nerve, and once I do, I can always feel my heart racing.
-If I say anything wrong, or describe something wrong, I feel the need to defend myself, and get frantic about making sure the person understands me right.
-Don’t like going out in public unless I have to(store, school, taking my Border Collie to her herding lessons, etc.)
-Have trouble remembering things.
-I suspect almost everyone I know of hiding things from me or secretly hating me.
-Suspect that most strangers I meet want to hurt me or do bad things to me.
-Think there are people hiding out in my house wanting to kill me. I get so scared that if I’m home alone, I won’t leave my room unless I absolutely HAVE to. And if I do, I always have my dog come with me because she protects me, and it at least takes the edge off of my extreme fear.
-Had a traumatic childhood.
-I am a bisexual female who leans more towards the side of lesbian than straight. I know that sometimes sexuality will have something to do with a mental illness, so I thought I’d mention that.

I’m 16, almost 17…I know age can determine a lot when it comes to mental illness. 

I am planning on talking to a psychiatrist, I promise..I just want to know if you guys have any idea what could be wrong with me.
Oh, I also tend to be obsessive about things, and I can’t help but laugh/smoke when I’m nervous or in trouble
It’s not autism, unless autism randomly shows up at some point in your life.
These symptoms have appearing over the past couple years. I was perfectly a normal kid, when I was younger.
Oh shoot, that wasn’t supposed to say “laugh/smoke”, I don’t smoke. It was supposed to say “laugh/smile”.

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