Question by bigsunglasses08: Was I in the wrong here…would you have reacted like this? Photos and children…?
This is long, but please read it. I can’t stop thinking about it!

I’m a college student studying photography. My most recent assignment was to shoot “street photography” i.e. pictures that just document the activities of everyday people in life. I went to a park today, it is a nice sunny day. There were lots of children, parents, dogs, etc. I had been just walking around taking pics of kids, and I saw this one kid (about 5 yrs old) with his pants down peeing on a tree. Right out in the open. I thought it would be a funny picture. Since I had no bad intentions with the picture, it really never crossed my mind that someone would freak out about it. My immediate reaction was just to snap the picture, from the backside of course. I didn’t get any of his genitals in the picture at all; he was facing the tree. Well the kid’s mom was right there and she thought it was funny too and I overheard her say “oh she’s taking a picture” referring to me. I immediately turned and said “I’m a photographer; I thought it was cute.” She laughed and said “well I told him to go on the other side, but he didn’t listen.” She didn’t seem phased at all by the fact that I took the picture. Not to mention, this was a public park; she clearly didn’t care if her child exposed himself and urinated in public!

Well a few moments later, I continued walking and another young woman (probably 22) approached me and this was the conversation:
“excuse me, are you “kid’s name’s mom?”
me, very confused… “no, I’m not, why?”
“well I know kid’s name is in my son’s preschool class. Don’t you think it’s a little weird that you’re taking a picture of his bare bottom?”
“Oh, I’m just a photographer. Kid’s name’s mom was right over there when I took the picture.”
woman continues…”oh, I just wanted to make sure you spoke to an adult about it.”

I gave her a scornful look. First of all, I am an adult; I’m 20 years old. I’m not an old man and I don’t look remotely creepy. I am a normal looking girl. I truly have no intentions of publishing the picture or distributing it. It was simply for an assignment.

I was actually pretty hurt because later on I felt guilty for not realizing that it could be taken wrongly.

What do you honestly think? Was I in the wrong? It’s really bothering me.

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Answer by hermit crab
You did nothing wrong. Dont worry.

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