Question by Xanthan is HOME!: Walmart trip (food) and photos of dogs =]?
well today me and my mom went to walmart and i needed to get dogfood from their (sadly) so i went and got “Maximum Nutrition” =[ and i saw this lady getting Purina One… wel anyways at the checkout that lady was talking to the cashier and they were taling about dogs and dog food… well anyways the lady was talking about dog food and she was like “Yes i think Purina One if the best thing for them” and i was thinking *haha not really* well anyways… we wer in the parking lot and i told my mom about that and she well like “well thats when you tell people about how its not good for them” and i was like well how would i tell them? and she was like “just say ‘i know you have an opinion and all but i know that it isnt good for the dogs cause i have been learning abouit dog food”

well anyways… my question is… what do you do when you see people buying “cheap” dogfood?

and… want to see a few pics of my dogs *finally*

i have to *continue* this… hold on…
ok Chuckles…

Chuckles looks confuseddd.

Chuckles 2


Sampson 1

Sampson 2

Wow people you act as if i DID say somthing!!! i didnt!!! i wasnt even going to but it was my MOM’s idea to tell someone next time i see them buying that kind dog food…*stops and thinks* wait…why would I tell them grocery store dog food isnt the best thing for them when i have some in the buggy/cart!!! lol

but since i am going to “jobshadow” a vets office this Sat…they reccomend IAMS!!! i know horrible!!! but im not going to say anything!! they reccomend it but i dont buy it!!!
Well yes Cathy P…if someones asked me then yes i would say something… but since they DIDNT i didnt say anything… =]

wow some people dont read the Q.. i said I DIDNT SAY ANYTHING…and they act as if i did!!!
I like Cathy P,Ranger&Riley,and Laurens answers!!!

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Answer by Mia ღ Abe
You know i was in a somewhat same situation…

i was at the vets office this past saturday and i saw a little mini pincher…he had lots of flakes…

i told her…oh i see your dog has a lot of dandruff…
she said, yes, he does. do you know why?

and i said, yes, its the food that you are feeding them

gave them my opinion and then gave them my recommendation


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