Question by Rob: The infamous “Dog Food Question” Again………..?
After seeing so many posts about dog food, and so many replies about dog food, I am yet to see “Canine Caviar” as a recommendation. I have been feeding my dogs “Canine Caviar Dry food” for months, and their teeth are pearly white, and coats really shiny. Since only one pet store carries it in my area, I decided to switch to wellness. Within a week, their coats became dull, and their coats were dry and less shiny.

How can Dog Food Analyses say canine caviar is a 3 star food, while wellness is 5?

Has anyone else ever heard of Canine Caviar? I will be honest, I never heard of it until my pet store recommended it.

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Answer by bettathang
I have personally never heard of it. None of the stores in my area carry it and I’ve never come across it in any of my internet-surfings.

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