Question by Ann: Spay your dog?
Why is it that when someone asks a question here about puppies and breeding that everyone jumps all over that person with “Get your dog spayed NOW” and “Don’t you know there are unwanted dogs in shelters?” I have been a dog breeder of pure bred dogs for almost 15 yrs. Should I have all my dogs spayed? I maintain AKC’s standards for the breed, I am NOT a backyard breeder. I agree that people who pay 0 for a dog and then think “hey I can do this too and make so much money” have no idea what they are getting in to. It would just be nice to read other peoples answers without seeing every other one being “SPAY YOUR DOG”. Thanks.

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Answer by Goldengal
They say that because they feel it is the only answer they can give. Stupid I know but they have no other good answer to give. It’s like rubber stamping every answer.
I just wish they wouldn’t answer a question if that was going to be the only answer they can give.
It’s not helping at all.

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