Question by Emma Von Steiger: Should I buy my own “dog” or keep sharing it with someone I don’t like?
In the summer I bought a “dog” with my next door neighbor and this girl Ashley. Me and Ashley weren’t great of friends to begin with.

She’s had the “dog” since November and it’s my turn now. But Ashley and I…strongly dislike each other now, more so than when we bought it. I don’t want to put my neighbor into a position where she’s in the middle of our dispute, but I want a turn with the “dog” but I don’t want see Ashley again.

I don’t have any extra money to buy my own “dog”. Should I save up my own money and buy my own “dog”, or should I ask my neighbor if she can ask Ashley for the “dog” back? =/
wow just answer the damn question. It doesn’t matter what dog means. I’m sharing something with two other people and I want my turn with it!

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Answer by Joe EET
Depends on what “dog” actually means.

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