Question by mttkauffman: Should I adopt this dog?

Should I adopt this dog?

“I am a very good boy, I do not shed or drool, nor do I bother you while you are eating. I promise not to bark at your friends and family when they come to visit. I never have accidents in the house, nor do I chew and I will not get on the furniture unless you put me on it! I will never hog the bed or couch either. I am really great on car rides just sitting where you put me and never moving a muscle. I do not need to go to the vet nor do you have to buy me food and I never need to go for a walk or outside to potty! I am content to just lay around until you want to play with me! I am the perfect Dane, yet here I am homeless!
Because I am a rare blue Dane with cropped ears that stand the rescue is charging a adoption f 00.00.”

Doesn’t he sound perfect. Check out the post if you don’t believe me.

Yes it is the dog that is pictured. I know he may be a little strange looking but I don’t think that means he can’t have a loving home! I am glad people have a sense of humor.

Best answer:

Answer by Bassetnut
I think he’s perfect. Go for it!

This is the ONLY kind of dog that many people should get.

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