Question by kristinafina: Shelter Dog Lab/Rott mix…With a 5 year old?
I am a single Mom with a GREAT 5 year old (in a week) boy. I found a lab/rottie mix at a no-kill shelter. He is beautiful. We visited him today and I think he might be the right dog. My son is trusting and loving of all dogs. I am the same way, although I have been bitten several times over the years.
Sgt. Sammy was great with Chris and after we had a little “talk” on our innaugural walk, he stopped pulling on the leash much.
Chris had a dog treat and Sammy sat for him without being asked. He just seems like a great oldish 5 year old, trained dog.
He apparently can’t be around other dogs, although on our walk (post talk) he didn’t react much to another dog passing within 4 feet or so.
Would you trust a 5 year old rottie/lab mix with a 5 year old?
This is him if you are interested in seeing him in action:

On the left find “dogs for adoption”. Go to S and look for Sgt Sammy. He also has a few vids, but I think this is a good.Help?
BTW, he is 80+ lbs as opposed to the web advertised 65.
Thank you all who have already left answers/comments. You’re GREAT!
I didn’t think he was 1/2 of each breed either. He is like a chamelion, though! In cloudy conditions or shade, he looks black as the night.
As soon as direct sunlight hits him, you can see…like an undercoat or undertone of Rottweiler markings and brown coloring. It is SO obvious in direct sunlight. It’s pretty neat.

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Answer by Lane
As long as your son, who I’m sure is really good, doesn’t try to rile up the dog too much, it should be fine. Dogs usually can’t differentiate between when to play and when not to, and he could hurt your son if they were playing too rough. Also, obedience classes wouldn’t hurt, to keep him in line. Other than that, it’s smart to adopt older dogs when you have younger children, since puppies can be super rambunctious. Good luck!!

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