Question by Katslookup – a Fostering Fool!: Please explain why so many people are uneducated when it comes to their pets?
I see many questions on “natural remedies” for fleas. Or, where can I get Sevin dust to treat my dog for fleas, or similar questions.

Is it really that hard to research the SAFE and EFFECTIVE ways to treat for fleas?

I have worked in the pest control industry for over 10 years, including owning my own company for the past 4 years. I own 5 dogs and 4 cats, and guess what…..NONE of my animals have fleas. I did the research on how to treat the house, yard, and pets safely.

I did the research and it didn’t kill me! Why can’t others do this? Why does it seem so hard for people to accept that you MUST use at least some type of pesticide to control a flea infestation. (Sorry, folks, but it is a must!)

I really want your opinions on why people don’t do the research. Why don’t people check out the validity of the information that they are given? Do people really just not understand how dangerous some of these “treatments” out there are deadly?

What do you think?

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Answer by Kim
People are lazy.. and instead of calling up people like you who are professionals, or looking else where at a reliable resource. They’d rather just listen to what information was given to them instead of actually checking it out…

Laziness… It comes down to that!

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