Question by Katslookup – a Fostering Fool!: OK, so my next question is which has more affect on a dog’s behavior, genetics or how it was raised?
So, on one of my other questions, I was told that people do not want to get a dog from a shelter because they “don’t know the history of the dog, it may have been abused” or “they don’t want someone else’s problem” or “they don’t want a n animal of unknown origin.”

Well, couldn’t the exact same be said for many of the puppies that are being produced in this country? I mean, any pet store puppy is usually produced in a puppymill and may or may not be the breed it is sold as. Any backyard bred dog has the same questionable genetics.

So, what would be the driving force for the behavior of the dog? Would it be genetics? Or, would it be how it was raised?

If you believe it was genetics, do you think a dog can over-come genetic based behavior problems?

If you believe it was how it was raised, do you think a dog can over-come treatment based behavior problems?

Fill me in!

Best answer:

Answer by BYB’s kill puppies!
both genetics and environmental factors come into play.

A puppy from a petshop, you have no idea of the genetics.. even from a BYB, they dont know the real history behind their dogs.. they dont bother to research the pedigree for issues.. so there’s the possability of genetic influence.

As to a shelter dog.. you can ussually judge an adult dog’s temperment pretty good. Many shelters have special tests they use to judge the temperment.. some dogs with minor issues can be corrected. A puppy at a shelter isnt going to have any more or less history behind it than a puppy mill or BYB puppy.

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