Question by mememe: Name of old movie about a woman who gave her daughter a book to train her husband: “How to Train Your Dog”?
There was an old movie, maybe in the 60’s about a woman who gave her newlywed daughter a book to train her husband called “How to Train Your Dog”. Hilarious movie. What is the name of the movie?

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Answer by gormenghast10014
“If A Man Answers” with Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin [1962]
“Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin were always the poor man’s screwball couple — but the acquit themselves just fine in If a Man Answers, a corny comedy about love and such. Dee nabs confirmed bachelor Darin — then turns him into “the marrying kind” by using a handbook meant to train dogs. Eventually, his eye strays, and she concocts a faux beau (Cesar Romero) to send her flowers and “call her” every night. The subterfuge falls apart in the end, as the film turns into a complete and utter farce. Frequently funny, it’s still not anywhere near a classic due to its trite plotting.”

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