Question by Linwë L: My older dog is “potty trained”, but still goes in the house sometimes.. help?
My older dog (she’s five or six, I believe) is potty trained- usually. When she has to go to the bathroom, she barks at us and scratches the back door and we let her out, no problem. Or, when she’s left at home alone or during the night, she can go without. But she sometimes goes in the house still, even if we are at home and nearby. Any ideas as to what’s going on? Any tips?

We are moving in five weeks to a rental home, so it’s important that I find a solution!


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Answer by Basset on the ‘Net
Unless she has a medical issue, like a UTI, then she is NOT potty trained. It’s like being pregnant, she either is or she isn’t.

Go back to housebreaking 101 and retrain her as if she were a new puppy.

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