Question by Shiri!: My dog isn’t eating his dog food?
I went through a few kinds of dog food; The two I mostly remember are Science Diet and Iams, which he hated and he wouldn’t eat them. He’s currently on a Iam’s diet.. But I’m going to switch him to Canidae as soon as possible – what are the chance’s he’ll eat this food? Is he just “picky”? He’s not “skin & bones” but his dog food is usually about 2 or 3 bites gone everyday.. He drinks a nice amount of water, though.
He’s outdoors, so i’m not there to monitor his eating – but I can tell from the amount gone that it’s not very much. we have a neighbor with a golden retriever who (not meaning any harm) came over and ate all his food. So we moved him into our fenced-in backyard, and now he’s the only one eating it, but he’s not eating much of it. he almost seems a little chubby – the golden retriever next door is indoors most the time so her food’s inside too, so he couldn’t be eating her food – but I’m concerned that he’s not getting his “protein” (as much as he can get —
— from Iams) !!!!
Look I know I need to potty-train him so he can come inside.. lecture me if you want, i know i deserve it.. it’s just tough coming up with a scheduel that works for me to pottytrain him!! I’d have to stay home 100% of the time, and i’ve got so much planned this week.. i know , i know, it’s no excuse… i’m sorry.. i’m no responsible pet owner..

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Answer by Irina A
If you tried his dog food, you wouldn’t eat it either.

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