Question by Gehorchen sie dem Schnauzer: Is this good Dog food? “The GoodLife Recipe”?
I have been using ROYAL CAINE for my puppy. Plus I cook for him when I have time. I want to know if anyone has heard of this food. I understand it is new on the Market. I also understand that companies change there ingredince. So I am going to stay with one company, and asome that their food will remain the same quality. Although I think the quality of food is improving as we become more aware. I am going to buy what every is best for my dog.
Corn and grainers are fillers. That is what I was thinking.
Ya like I said I feed my Dog ROYAL CANINE which a lot better then Science diet. Also if you read the ingreadence to Science diet the first thing is not meat. It is corn meal. The first thing on THE GOODLIFE RECIPE is chicken. If you don’t know don’t answer the question.

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Answer by marina
The bag clearly states there are no fillers added. Corn and grains are certainly filler. This is a new company and has a full line of pet foods for both dogs and cats. I hope they realize that all the corn and grains and junk in this food is not what the public is looking for.

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