Question by BSL go to HELL: Is anyone else as disappointed as me with the brand “science diet” dog food?
Ok so I ran out of my normal brand Diamond Naturals Lamb and rice puppy and my husband went to the store and came out with this crap. It smells like DEATH inside the bag. He says he smells nothing (of but thats another topic)But to me after many many bags of all natural food this .. Grain infused death bag smells like a dead animal..
Any opinions welcome I will never buy this brand again either way. I swear.. never send a cat person to a Tractor supply. THEYRE LOST !
Oh and my APBT will eat it but the Pom sticks his nose up and tries to steal table scraps so I have been feeding him raw. And I see how It can work for a small toy breed.
i’m glad my older dogs were not subjected to its awfulness since they dont eat the puppy grade food. I’m glad I go to a vet who has nothing but papers behind the counter. They push NO products on the consumer and I love it. Took me 2 years to find them and its a small drive but well worth it

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Answer by MurkaGlamurka
I heard nothing but bad things about it

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