Question by pfloydie: I want to join the “Prairie Dog Lovers” Yahoo “group” and it says MEMBERS ONLY. . . What’s the deal?
I have 3 Prairie Dogs; one recently diagnosed with Odontoma. . . and I neeeeeeed some SUPPORT UP IN HERE!!!!!!
Can anyone shed any light on these massively exclusive “Groups???”
I guess it’s “G Mail” for me from here on in . . .

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Answer by Bored_Brunette_Gurl
It doesn’t necessarily mean that the group is exclusive, but that you need to apply in order to join the group.

People do this so that random individuals surfing the Internet can’t come and spam their group with worthless things like advertisements for unrelated topics – along with keeping their discussions on track by making sure that members actually have a reason to be a part of their group.

I bet if you go ahead and click on the “join” button, and then fill in the information that you put in this post as your “reason” that you want to join the group they will approve your membership in no time.

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