Question by kay: I need help finding a really good dog insurance?
Im looking into getting and insurance plan for my dog because trips to the vet aren’t so cheap and since im not too familiar with this kind of stuff I need to know what are some good insurances?

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Answer by Lorraine
I don’t know where you and as I am UK then it is no good promoting any UK ones.

However, a few things to remember.

1. That any existing condition will never be covered.

2. Insurance doesn’t cover general things like vaccinations etc, or any other voluntary procedures such as spaying / castration.

3. All insurances have an excess amount that is always payable by you. One of mine has a really high excess of £120 which means that the insurance is only good for covering high cost emergencies. However, as that dog has had an ongoing abscess from a piece of grass going in her throat which has cost £2500 then I am glad of it.

4. Always get a LIFE COVER one and not an annual. This means that should your dog develop something that needed medication for more than a year, or a condition that was going to be a concern for years to come, and those are frequent, then the insurance would still pay. With an annual, then it would only cover for 1 yr.

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