Question by Katslookup – a Fostering Fool!: I have a question about dog “abuse”….?
What actually constitutes “abuse”?

Is feeding a dog “people” food or Ol’ Roy abusive?

What about leaving a dog tied/chained/kenneled outside 24/7, is that abuse?

What about leaving your dog home alone while you work 8 – 12 hours a day?

What about not giving a dog any real human contact, except when out hunting. Is that abusive?

I have even been told recently that not allowing a dog (in this case a Chi) on the furniture, was abusive. Is this true?

Where is the line?

Best answer:

Answer by Kip’s Mom *** ***
Abuse is defined by the laws in your area.

All else is opinion.

Add: hrmmm…. my dog is mentally distressed by bathing. Should I stop? Yeah….

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