Question by Jessie C: I have 3 kittens that are five weeks old and they all have really bad ear mites and fleas.?
The mother cat has them too, and she is normally on frontline. Since she is still nursing her kittens I can’t give it to her, cause it will poison them. As soon as she weens them off I am taking all of them to the vet ASAP. I have heard that giving them 2-3 drops of frontline won’t hurt them, but what do I do about the ear mites ? Please help me. I can’t stand to see them scratch anymore.
What can do about the mother cat? She can’t have any medication because she is nursing?

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Answer by Yogi
Take them to the vet ASAP> the vet can help treat them DO NOT PUT FRONTLINE ON THE KITTENS!!!! Even a small amount may hurt them! Fleas can and will give them anemia and could make them very ill… take them to the vet now. They can perhaps bathe them or treat them in another way.

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