Question by Jane Gedtz: How to make a good come back to this….?
Okay so I am in ballet, I am 15 years old there is this new girl who’s just being in our class so we can teach her, she’s currently in seventh grade so that makes her what? 12. Any ways I kindly asked her what she was asking for, for christmas and she responded “Oh I am asking for a golf cart” I said Cool? do you golf? she said ” No, my parents just have enough money to buy one” I didn’t know how to respond to how rude that was. She says much more like she works and only shops at Chanel, Lush etc and remember she’s 12 she also says that she models for BMG, no offense she is not model material and she’s probably about 5’4. So basically she’s always talking about how rich she is or how her daddy is buying her this and that and she’s this “huge model” I just cant take it anymore. Its so rude to brag about money, My parents have a decent amount and i never say a thing cause i know that I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings or be a brat basically. what can i say to her just so she knows how rude she is? any witty comebacks? haha, Thank you.
And please no rude comments. :)

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Answer by smithy
“I’m happy for you that you have all this money and success, but it’s a shame you can’t afford [or to be nicer, “money can’t buy you”] [manners][class][decorum][maturity].”

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