Question by Mesha: How to get my puppy to chew on everything?
My puppy is 8 month old and he is chewing up EVERYTHING! I mean literally EVERYTHING!
If it’s my chair and table legs, my cabinets, his stuffed toys are completely destroyed and ripped apart, paper, everything he get’s in his mouth and what’s most annoying all my sons toys! What i can keep away and out of reach i will but some things i just can’t.
I try having a serious voice or yelling but he just thinks it a game or so. I also tried to give him his “own toy box” but he didn’t like that very much.

Anybody got any suggestions for me on what to do?
thank you so much

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Answer by goodmom
Your puppy only thinks you are insane when you yell. He is doing what puppies do, he is chewing because he is teething. He does not want toys. He wants something hard to chew on to help the teeth break thru the gums. Freeze a nylabone, get rawhide, raw beef bones, but please give that puppy something to chew on.

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