Question by Gray Wolf: How do you become a responsible and respectable dog breeder?
Im going to become a trainer for assistance dogs for the handicapped. I’m still doing research on four different breeds. I’m going to choose just one. But I want to make sure I breed them right. Is there any books or websights that are helpful? And what is a good way to make sure the puppies not trained to be assistance dogs get good homes? Should I have them do research on the breed before deciding they are able to buy one? Should I check out where the puppy will live?
What is propar vet care for new born puppies? How do I find good parent dogs?

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Answer by Joshua Q
Oh they’re going to tear you apart for this one, prepare to be insulted by these losers who think all dogs should be fixed.

PLEASE read some books, attend some seminars and training classes, talk with other breeders, speak with your vet. The most important questions to ask are the “what if’s.” For example, what if the mother doesn’t know what to do? Yes, dogs have instincts but some aren’t good mothers. What if the pup won’t breath? What if when the mother chews the ombilical cord the pup bleeds too much? (much at all is too much). I have been breeding Yorkies for 8 years so for answers to these questions and more feel free to email me at

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