Question by bridie2e: Hi, im just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to keep my dogs in the yard. They dig under our fencing?
I have 2 beautiful Bull mastiff x ridgeback pups (well they are nearly 1). They are wonderful dogs and we love them so much. We have been really successfull in training them on basic commands (sitting, fetching, eating on our command etc) but one thing we cant stop – they keep getting out of our yard at night or when we are at work!! We live on acerage so theres not many cars etc around but i still worry about them being out. We have had to chain them up during the day and i hate doing this to them. We have put up “dog Fencing” but they just dig under it. I have enquired about electric collars etc but thats going to cost me about 00!!! Any suggestions?

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Answer by KoAussie
Confine them inside the house when you aren’t there and at night.

Line the base of the fence and ground at the base of the fence with wire at a ninety degree angle and cover it with sod. They can’t dig through the wire.

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