Question by actormyk: HELP! I need some advice on restoring stained floors and potty training chihuahuas!?
When we moved into our little house, there were dark spots on the floor from pets that the previous owner was unable to curb or detect until the carpet was lifted. Now, we have a chihuahua of our own and he is doing the same thing. We pulled up a carpet and found some black stains where he’d been relieving himself when we weren’t around. 1) For dogowners, what can we do to prevent this? Our chihuahua is now 1 year and about 4 months old and I hope not too old to “learn new tricks.” and 2) For homeowners, is there anything we can do to get rid of the dark stains on the floors? This is a rental property and we don’t plan to stay here forever. We’d like to try to do something restorative to the floors so we don’t lose our deposit when the time comes.

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Have you discussed this with the landlord? You might explain that because of the previous tennant, YOUr dog is attempting to mark His own territory around the smell of the previous dog. YOU can’t be held responsible for that.

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